Consignment Auction # 22
Online Auction
Starts :  Jan 26, 2023 10:00 AM CST
Ends: Feb 08, 2023 08:00 PM CST

200 Items
Item # Description
Lot - 1 Samsung Refrigerator

Nice looking, Big, refrigerator.  This unit has fingerprint proof stainless steel finish.  Out side looks good with a few surface dents,  Inside is clean, will hold lot of food, pop, and beer.   Large bottom freezer drawer. Unit is plugged in and is cold, working as it should. 

This refrigerator, has a ice maker not tested, indoor water not tested, and a screen.   Screen is on but please come in and inspect.  I am unfamiliar with anything this fancy.   

Lot - 2 WAsher and Dryer

Kenmore 700 series washing machine tested and working in like new condition, and an 900 series electric dryer untested but is believed to be working.  

Lot - 3 Yamaha Mini Bike

Rare Yamaha 66 enduro, mini bike.  Bike is not running at this time but, would be a great winter project for someone.  

Lot - 4 Coleman Mini Bike

Coleman Sport 5.30 Vintage mini bike.  This is a nice little bike and seller believes it would be a easy fix for someone. Sachs Motor, has compression. 

Lot - 5 Kitty Cat

Arctic Cat,  Kitty Cat snowmobile.  This vantage snowmobile was on every little boys wish list back in 1970's.  Now you can buy it.   This vintage ride will need much tender loving care, but just think when your done.  Included with the Kitty Cat is a box with motor and parts. 

Please came in for a better look. 

Lot - 6 Outboard motor

Out board boat motor.  Unknown condition selling as is. come inspect. 

Lot - 7 Portable tool chests

Stanley Promobile tool chests on wheels. In used condition with contents included. 

Lot - 8 Hardside suitcase

One large hardside suitcase on wheels.  In good used condition. 

Lot - 9 Office Chair

Black office Chair in good condition.  come in and try it out. 

Lot - 10 Chafing dishes

2 Large stainless steel chafing dishes,  Just need a little polish, and they will ready for all your entertaining needs. 

Also included is a silver plate vintage coffee percolator. 

Lot - 11 Nintendo entertainment system

Vintage Nintendo system with Tetris game in console,  three controllers and a gun.  Unit has been tested and works. 

Lot - 12 Motorcycle parts

2 heavy tubs of parts.  Believed to be for Harley Davidson.  As Harley Davidson in written on some of them.   

These parts are all to go.  Seller purchased a storage unit and these where in the unit. 

If interested in cycles there could be something really good in there.  Come take a look.  

Lot - 13 Motorcycle Gas tanks

3 used motorcycle  gas tanks and a side bag.   Come and take a better look. 

Lot - 14 Motorcycle parts

In this lot is 2 seats, two wheels, and a set of handle bars.  Between the three lots of cycle parts you just about have all you need to build your own. 

Lot - 15 Starter package

Here is a lot to get stared on what is needed to get that kid out of your house.  Kitchen table with 4 chairs in good condition, used.  And a at least 4 piece setting of dishes, silverware,  and more.  

Come take a look at all the nice items. 

Lot - 16 Decorative lot

Many decorating items, 2 mirrors, a clock, wall hanging and more.  See pictures, or come in for better look 

Lot - 17 Hockey Equipment

Large lot of hockey gear. 2 sticks, one wood , 1 composite,  Size 91/2  Graf Supra 705 ice skates, Bauer gloves, and elbow pads, pucks, tape, rebook warm up suit? 

Please come in and check it out.  Not really sure what some of this is. like legs to pants????

Lot - 18 Speaker

Sub Zero Speaka cabinet and speaker. Elite power amplifier, Bose 2.0 capacitor  In used condition. 

Lot - 19 2 Ozark Trail camping chairs

Both of these fold up chairs are in good condition. Appear to be hardly used. 

Lot - 20 Vintage wood desk

Vintage desk like piece, the top folds down like a desk but it's smaller.  Would be nice but is in need of lots of care and repair. Also a standing  shelf in good used condition. 

Lot - 21 Stick welder

Campbell Hausfeld 70amp stick welder in used condition.  Please inspect. comes with a box of welding sticks, plus a huge tube of subfloor adhesive, and couple of tools, in a carrying case. 

Lot - 22 Bowling Lot

Lot includes a nice pair of bowling shoes in great condition size 91/2 mens. A punch out Storm bowling ball and a Storm bowling bag that holds shoes and ball. 

Nice stuff if you can use it. 

Lot - 23 Jack stands and air tank

3 jack stands in various sizes and condition, and a 5 gallon air storage tank. Come in and take a look. 

Lot - 24 Reptile tank

Nice condition tank, with everything you need to get started.  Tank is 301/2" X 19"X13".   Cage has a rock on the bottom, nice clear glass no cracks, screen top, three different heat lights, and a heating pad. 

Come in and take a look at all that is included in this lot. 

Lot - 25 Iron/metal headboard and foot board.

King size iron decretive head and foot boards are in good condition and come with the frame.  Could also be used outside, spring is coming, someday. 

Lot - 26 Vintage claw table

When they say claw they mean it with this table.  Take a good look at the feet, they have toenails.  40" round oak pedestal table with claw feet. In need of paint or refinish, and couple of bolts, top is not screwed on. 

Come check out this odd table. 

Lot - 27 Bernina Sewing Machine

This Swiss made machine has been  favorite of many great seamstress and tailors for many years.    Bernina sewing machines are very good quality and made in Switzerland.  If you ever wondered what the fuss was about this could be your chance. Machine is in working order and comes with foot peddle, table piece, and case.  Please come in and check out this machine in good, used condition. 

Bernina was the favorite of a angle I know.

Lot - 28 Fire King Mixing Bowls

Set of three Vintage Fire King Tuliup pattern nesting mixing bowls.  In used condition, some flaws that are consistent with wear and age the small bowl does have paint missing.  Please come and check out these vintage bowls,  Makers mark on bottom was hard to capture.  

Lot - 29 Italian Fashison Boots

Italy made Tecnica boots, size 7 and in great condition.  Real fur, this is a warm quality boots, from Tecnica's 1980's fashion line. Vintage in excellent condition.  

Lot - 30 Framed Goose Plate

Very nice condition framed plate by artist Larry Toschik.  Outdoor scene of flying geese. 

Lot - 31 Vintage cuff links and a spoon bracelet.

A bracelet made from MN spoons, unique item. Also Come take a closer look at the vintage cuff links. 

Lot - 32 Lego's

Many miscellaneous Lego's 

Lot - 33 Vintage Silvertone guitar

1969 Silvertone 6 string guitar with leather case.   Guitar needs to be restrung,  extra strings and tuner included.  

Lot - 34 Keith Urban Guitar

This 6 string guitar was made by Keith Urban's guitar company.  It is in great condition.  Come in and take a good look at this lot, comes with case and guitar stand. 

Lot - 35 Video Game lot

An assortment of video games. see pictures for titles. 

Lot - 36 Silver Set

Silver plate pieces. 

Lot - 37 Bells

Bell collection, some Avon, Inarco and others.  come take a look. 

Lot - 38 Collector Glass

Refrigerator dish, vintage ice cream dishes, figurines, and vases.  3 pieces may be uranium glass, and the glass ship has chip off of one of the stacks.  Please inspect. 

Lot - 39 Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

10 sets of vintage salt and pepper shakers in good condition. 8 sets are marked Japan.  Come in for a better look. 

Lot - 40 Rare Selectavistion Video disc's

Large lot of Vintage Video disc's.  REmerber the days of my youth begging to go to AC/DC and rent the selectavision machine and movies.  Many Star Track titles in this bunch of video disc's.  Come in and check out all the great titles. 

Lot - 41 Tv/VCR combo

Don't see these everyday.  Vintage TV and VCR combo.  Toshiba Model number SLV-788HF works as it should. 

Lot - 42 Sony VCR

Sony VCR Model number SLV-788HF in working order. Getting harder and harder to find these days.   


Lot - 43 Samsung DVD Player

Samsung DVD player in good working order. 

Lot - 44 LG Blue ray Player

LG BluRay player BD530 in good working condition. 

Lot - 45 Antique Shell Reloader

Old shell REloader plus various packs of power and lead shoot.  Plus a heavy duty can crusher and a bike hanging hook/rack.  

Lot - 46 25 foot Welding Cord

Welding cord in good used condition. come take a look. 

Lot - 47 7 Prong electrical Cord

This is a specialty cord for Semi trucks.  Please inspect. 

Lot - 48 Lateran's and lawn edging

3  Coleman lanterns in used condition.  Maybe used for parts.  Also 40 foot of lawn edging for your flower bed, this spring. 

Lot - 49 Camper extension cord

12 foot camper extension cord and a cement finishing float, and a telescope for kids.  All very useful things. 

Lot - 50 Wall Hangings

Decorative bunch of wall pictures and other décor.  Come in and take a better look at these items in good condition. 

Lot - 51 Nash Hood ornament

Chrome FLYING LADY hood ornament.  Believed to be from a 1950-51 Nash hood.  Come in and look at the good condition of this piece, of history.  

Lot - 52 Vintage Snowmobile coats

Two Vintage coats one SKI-DOO size large, and a Polaris coat size unknown.  Come in, try them on, zipper is broke on one jacket. 

Lot - 53 AFX Helmet

Helmet in like new condition size Med.  58-59cm, 71/4-73/8 hat, 2213/16-231/4 inch.  

Lot - 54 HUC snowmobile Helmet

Size Med. in like new condition,  Come in for better look. These are clean like new helmets.  

Lot - 55 HUC snowmobile Helmet

Size Med. in like new condition,  Come in for better look. These are clean like new helmets.  

Lot - 56 HUC snowmobile Helmet

Size Med. in like new condition,  Come in for better look. These are clean like new helmets.  

Lot - 57 Snow Boots

Castle snow boots.  Women's size  6.  In good condition.  Look thick and warm, come in a try them out.   

Lot - 58 Electric radiator space heater

Pelonis brand space heater was tested and works.  This heater gives off nice even radiant heat. 

Lot - 59 Steering council for pontoon

Check out this brand new replacement counsel for a pontoon redo.  Seller ordered wrong counsel and never sent it back.  In new condition.   

Lot - 60 Tire and Wheel

One Falken Wild Peak came off a 2021  Jeep Gladiator.   

Lot - 61 Elliptical

Large Elliptical machine in working order.  You can really get a work out on this heavy duty unit.  I lasted about 1 min. 

Life Fittness 9500HR 

Lot - 62 Cabela's Gas Smoker

Nice shinny chrome gas smoker from Cabela's.  In used condition,  come in for good look.  Missing a knob.  

Lot - 63 Storage Cabinet

66"X 36"'X18" metal cabinet with shinny chrome  double doors, in good used condition. 

Lot - 64 Interior door

 Pre-hung inside 32" left swing door.  In like new condition, never installed.  White finish

Lot - 65 Pontoon canopy

Used canopy off a pontoon.  Condition unknown please come in and open and inspect if interested.  With bars/mounting frame. 

Lot - 66 Electric keyboard

bcp Sky 2954  electric keyboard.  Works as it should. 

Lot - 67 Waseca Blue Jay threads

Collection of Bluejay Shirts size small,  and hats, headbands, Also med. Gustavus sweatshirt.  All in good used condition. 

Lot - 68 Tools

 Group of specialty mechanic tools.  Come in for a better look. 

Lot - 69 Otter portable fish house

11/2 man Otter with sled and bench seat. comes with travel cover.  This house has been well taken care of.  If your in the market this one is a good one. 

Lot - 70 Brand New USB and Flash Drives

       Quantity (74) brand new SanDisk SDSDQ-1638416GB microSD High Capacity (microSDHC) Card with Adapter

  Quantity (29) brand new Kingston 16GBDataTraveler microDuo 3 DTDUO3/16GB Flash Drive USB 3.0 OTG r70MB/s w10MB/s forAndroi

Lot - 71 Brand New 3D Printer Material

-        2xUltimaker breakaway material white 2.85mm diameter, 750 gram spool 

-        GizmoDorks 3mm (2.85mm) ABS Filament for 3D Printers 1 kg spool, White 

-             2x eSUN black ABS Filament - 2.85mm (1kg Spool) 

-             2x  eSUN greyABS Filament - 2.85mm (1kg Spool)  

Lot - 72 Electrical Conduit, 50amp plug with 30ft 4C wire

    3/8Flexible Conduit 25ft (new)

    1/2inFlexible Conduit 25ft (new)

-    Connectorand Wire (used):

o   Connector:HUBBELL WIRING DEVICE-KELLEMS Locking Plug Industrial, 50 Amps, NEMA50A/Non-NEMA, 480V AC, 3 Poles (Part Number CS8165C)

o   Wire : TF CableFlextreme 4/C 8AWG 500W 600V Sun and Water RES 90C 277/21

Lot - 73 Palmgren Bench Vice 8in

Palmgren Bench Vice 8in. New

Lot - 74 Allis Chalmers Manifold

Brand New 4 cylinder manifold for a Allis Chalmers tractor.  WD-45 D-17

Lot - 75 Hydraulic remote control multiplier

Hyraulic  remote multiplier makes 2 remotes from 1 

Lot - 76 Cummins Performance Module

   Performance module for 9.0 h Cummings engine. Set HP standard, 15% or 30% more.  

Lot - 77 Think Spring

This lot includes a Shimano Sienna 2500FE fishing reel, in good shape, A wood oar, Plastic paddle, Childs life jacket, 30-50#, and a vintage, like new, Lowrance Bluewater LFP-160 fish finder.

Come in and inspect. 

Lot - 78 Household

In this lot is a resin Ram Head. Ballard Design,  really nice eye catching piece. An antique Peacock lamp, a Ballard Design resin wall clock, old painted wood chair, a glass lamp, wall print. 

Stop in for a better look. 

Lot - 79 Antique metal shalf

Old rustic looking antique 3 tier hanging shelf, very cool, and a WWII army backpack. 

Lot - 80 Antique Bow Saws

2 Bow saws, one wood, one metal.  Come in and check out these old saws in good condition for age. 

Lot - 81 Cross country Ski and Poles

Two very nice sets of cross country skis. Asnes Tur-Langrenn skis with poles, Normark Cross country skis with poles. 2 pair of ski boots, Aurora Nordic ski boots, Brand new in box size 11.5 JXC Nordic ski boot.

Also an anti-burst Performance ball.  Good way to get started on a new winter sport. Think of the fun. 

Lot - 82 Gangster lot

2 vintage 2Pac posters and a Scarface poster.  History of organized crime dvd series. But wait under all that greatness is a painting you will not believe.  Enjoy!

Lot - 83 Kitchen lot

lot includes 3 blue mixing bolws, veggie steamer, Hamilton Beach Crock-pot, pizza scapula, and misc. kitchen utensils.  Come in and inspect.  

Lot - 84 Railroad Books

Assorted Books about railroads and trains.  Some MN , Pioneer railroad, and The Tootin Louie.  Come in for a better look at this collection of books. 

Lot - 85 X-Box one games and DVD'S

Assorted DVD's and 2 X-Box games.  Grand Theft auto 5, and Call of Duty WWII.  

Lot - 86 Toys

Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Check up Center, a V-tech unicorn, Kid connection puppy, works, Frozen 2 Bluetooth portable MP3 karaoke machine, working. bags of Babbie accessories and more. 

Nice quality group of toys, come check them out. 

Lot - 87 Think Pink

Decorations for the room of your little princess 

Lot - 88 Tool Stool with tools

Brand new stool with room to store some of your tools, also leather tool belt in good used condition, a 18 piece Craftsman screwdrivers, new, and a 15 piece drive deep socket set.  lot of useful stuff here.  

Lot - 89 Board games

Games, games includes Axis & Allies and Waseca-opoly.  Please inspecrt. 

Lot - 90 Things you won't see no more

Indians on Butter and Marlboro on anything. Collector plate and cup from Land-o-Lakes butter very good condition.  and Cowboy Marlboro playing cards. 

Lot - 91 Mics. lot

Includes metal air plane, wall hanging, Bullet watch, Assorted candle holders, wax melt pot with lot of wax, plus more.  Come in take a look at it all. 

Lot - 92 Tool box, old funnel and saw

Kennedy Kits, metal tool box, contains included, nice old funnel, see close up picture for what's written on it. Plus cool antique long saw with unique homemade handle. 

Lot - 93 Crock pot and cake pans

Crock Watchers slow cooker and two glass 9'X13" cake pans, one is Pyrex with a lid.  

Lot - 94 You work it out lot

Here you go give all these protective pads to your kids and let them beat each other, Work it out, Babies. 

2 padded head gear, 2 sets hand pads, one set of foot pads, in good condition. 

Lot - 95 Vintage Cameras and Binoculars

Antique video camera, vintage Polaroid, Binoculars. Black motorcycle chaps.   Come in for better look. 

Lot - 96 Railroad/Train Prints

Unframed train prints, in used condition. Plus a book Chicago& North Western Railway.  Book cover and Train print have the same type of train.  

Railroad lover must have, here.

Lot - 97 Copper Boiler

Copper Boiler in good shape, no holes good patina.  Make excellent planers.  

Lot - 98 Chevy tires and rims

4 used chevy tires and rims.  Two tires have good tread and two not as good tread. Please inspect. 

Lot - 99 Fishing lures in case

Wood Red Heads mounted in a case. 

Lot - 100 Herter's Mermaid lures in case

2 Herter's Mermaids fishing lures mounted in case.  I've been informed that these lures have no marking on them so they may or may not be Herter's.   

Lot - 101 Fishing lures in case

Herter's vantage fishing supplies in original packaging envelopes.  Old and collectable. 

Lot - 102 Soccer Balls

Three soccer balls and pair of soccer shoes Nike size 8.  

Lot - 103 John Deere Planter boxes

 Vintage John Deere planter boxes.  Ready for your spring garden ideas. Come check these out. 

Lot - 104 Converse

Converse All Star  shoes. Size 10 in used condition.  Come try them on. 

Lot - 105 Tennis Shoes

3 pair of tennis shoes in good used condition.  Puma size 8.5, Nike AF size 8, Puma tetris running system Size 8? Come take a better look at these shoes. 

Lot - 106 Mens tennis shoes

2 pair of Men size 10.5 shoes.    Levi's red shoes and Black Nike.  In used condition. 

Lot - 107 Mens Vans

2 pair of of mens size 10.5. Van"s off the wall tennis shoes.  Come in for better look at these vintage shoes. 

Lot - 108 Mens Tennis Shoes

One Nike size 9, one Rebook size 10, and rek-94RE-IL size 10.5 concept sample oos. 

Lot - 109 Van's for her

2 pair women's Van's size 8.  In good used condition.  Feel free to come in and try these shoes on. 

Lot - 110 Cream Can

Nice rustic small cream can.  Vernon coop Hayfield MN.  Plus large steel kettle. 

Lot - 111 4 steel tractor seats

4 vintage steel tractor seats in good used condition and a hatchet with what looks like a home made handle. Come check it out. 

Lot - 112 Antique Fire Extinguishers

Antique Champion fire extinguisher Chicago one says.  Have a fireman in your life make him a lamp. or something cool.

Lot - 113 Old heater and wire

Old weathered kerosene heater.  look good in the yard this spring.  Also almost a full roll of wire.  type UF-B sun light resistant 10-2 w/g 600W wire.  come in for a better look.

Lot - 114 Vintage spot light

Large 7 inch spot light standing 16 inch tall.  May be from a train or a boat?  Writing on it says,  Ivalite-control deluxe spotlight. cool looking piece come check it out. Also 1:18 die cast Harley Fat Boy still in package. 

Lot - 115 Bakers Rack/Wine rack

This 73" X 36" X 14" bakers has a wine holders right in it.  Handy no matter what.   use it in Kitchen baking/wine, garage yard tools/wine, garden dirt/wine, you get it handy and cute. 

Lot - 116 Tailgate cooler

72 can collapsible stand cooler.  Easy to keep in trunk or camper takes up little space, and tall enough that you don't have to bend down to get your beer.  You'll be everyone's friend this summer if you have this cooler, full, at the campground or ballpark. 

Lot - 117 Can Holders

A ton of can holders.

Lot - 118 Misc. Ball Caps

Ball caps. Hunting, Nike, Underarmor.

Lot - 119 Bunch of cups

Cups, some stainless steel. 

Lot - 120 Kitchen Stuff

Kitchen canisters four flour, sugar, or what ever, and some coffee cups.  Come in and take a look. 

Lot - 121 Boot Dryer

Electric boot dryer with both glove and boot attachments.  Come check it out. 

Lot - 122 Plates

Farm house plates. 18 piece setting, plates, bowls, and salad plates.

Lot - 123 Power Wheel Battery's and Chargers

4 Peg Perago power wheel battery's and 2 chargers - all in working condition.

Lot - 124 Hunting Boots

2 pair of Irish Setter boots size 9 and pair of Itasca size 8.  No leaks, come in and try these boots on. 

Lot - 125 Tool Box

Allis Chalmers tool box, International harvester tool box in rough shape, Farm-Oyl lubricant can from St. Paul, MN.

Lot - 126 Railroad Screw Jacks

One Simplex 2 1/2 by 12 by 17" high.  Two Simplex 1 3/4" by 12" screw  jacks. 

Lot - 127 Telephone Pole Insulators

Top of telephone pole with insulators and 1 milk can.

Lot - 128 Old Karaseno Can

1 quart oil can, old gasoline measuring can, homemade box, old tape box, old tape dispenser, 1 pink scale, knife from Mexico, Lake Crystal cup from 1976.

Lot - 129 Large Gear and Pulley Handle

2 large gear and pulley handle - 24". 18 1/2" good garden art.

Lot - 130 Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig single cup works great.

Lot - 131 Carpenter Tool Box

1 Carpenter tool box, slots for hand saws, aluminum stock pot, 1/2" brass valve.

Lot - 132 Foldable Table

Foldable black table 30" wide 72" long.

Lot - 133 Metal Sign

Waseca County 15 metal sign.

Lot - 134 Antique Childrens Books

Mother Goose, Peter Rabbit, Grimm's Fairy Tales and large book of bugs.

Lot - 135 Colorado and Minnesota license plates

Colorado - 1 set, Minnesota - 2 sets.

Lot - 136 License Plates

3 Sets of Minnesota Plates. '65 plates.

Lot - 137 License Plates

Pioneer plates, Minnesota 1966 plates.

Lot - 138 License Plates

6 plates, 1947 MN set, 1948 MN. set, two trailer plates 54,55. Clean nice looking plates, come in for better look. 

Lot - 139 Minnesota Plates

9 Minnesota plates 1 set of 74 rest of them are random.

Lot - 140 1965 Uncle Jim Dairy farm books

!965 Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm Books, teachers guide, illustrations, and a record.  The items are in great condition for age.  Appears to be information on proper way to run a dairy farm.  Record looks like it's in unscratched condition.  

Lot - 141 Budweiser mirrors

 2 Budweiser signs Nice condition Wisconsin.  Pair of Harley Davidson  jeans 38/32 used.  

Lot - 142 Amish Heritage Collection

The Amish HeritageCollection called Rebecca & Sam Limited Edition Flower Garden (30015) QuiltBlock.  This special edition was createdin 1993 by designer Ann Dezendorf featuring Rebecca in her flower garden withher goat.  There are two posts behind herwith an original Amish quilt.  Comescomplete with original packaging. The Amish Heritage Collection called Mother'sLittle Helpers.  This very detailedspecial edition was created in 1993 by designer Ann Dezendorf featuring motherRachael making an apple pie with son Daniel at her feet helping.  There are two posts behind her with anoriginal Amish quilt.  Comes complete withthe original box. The Amish Heritage Collection called Katie'sFirst Quilt (30012) figurine.  Thisspecial edition was created in 1993 by designer Ann Dezendorf featuring Katiemaking her first quilt, a simple nine-patch pattern while her kitten plays withher basket by her feet.  It is verydetailed, complete with her sewing needle in her hand, her Amish fabric prayercap and fabric quilt in her lap.  Thereare two posts behind her with an original Amish quilt.  Comes complete with original packaging.

Lot - 143 Apple TV

1.     Apple TV 4D HDR complete with unit, remote, andpower cable in original box.  Home forall your entertainment needs.  Like newcondition.

Lot - 144 Cervical Traction Device

1.     Saunders Cervical Traction Device for effectiveneck pain and dysfunction relief. Complete with carry case, and manuals. Like new condition.

Lot - 145 Workout Equipment

     Exercise wheel ,  Jump rope, and  Yoga mat.  In like new condition. 

Lot - 146 Sickle-scythe, Tripod, Sprayer

1.     Sunpak Quantaray deluxe adjustable tripod; usedvery good condition.   Bonaire Ultimate Water Blaster with two spraypatterns, extends to 6 feet, fits on any garden hose, new condition.      Truper wood handle double-edge swing sickle-scythefor cutting grass/weeds, new condition. 

Lot - 147 Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) smart speaker with google assistant, includes power cord, In like new condition

 Extra handset to expand to existing Uniden 5.8GHz cordless phone, new condition in original box.

 Kohl’s snowman/evergreen pillar candle holderwith decorative candle.


Lot - 148 Fishing Rods

 Fishing rods complete with reels and fishingline, used condition.

Lot - 149 Vintage Waco Melody Music boxes

a.     Vintage Waco Melody in Motion “Willie theWhistler” collectable, used condition, music and motion do not work, originalbox.

b.     Vintage Waco Melody in Motion “Willie theTrumpeter” music box, used condition, music works but motion does not, no box.

Lot - 150 Vintage Waco Melody Music boxes

a.     Vintage Waco Melody in Motion “One Man Band”collectable, used condition, music and motion do not work, no box.

b.     Vintage Waco Melody in Motion “Willie theTrumpeter” music box, used condition, music works but motion does not, no box.


Lot - 151 DVD's

100 dvds look at pictures for titles

Lot - 152 DVD's

100 dvds look at pictures for titles

Lot - 153 DVD's

100 dvds look at pictures for titles

Lot - 154 DVD's

35 Blu-Ray DVDs look at pictures for titles

Lot - 155 Video Game Lot

Look at pictures for titles.

Lot - 156 TV

24" Element TV in working order.

Lot - 157 Collectibles

Ghostbusters and Nintendo themed collectibles, figures, planters, hoodie, hat and more

Lot - 158 Collectible Mug Lot

Disney, Marvel, DC, and more.

Lot - 159 Funko Lot

Funko Pop figurines

Lot - 160 Superhero Lot

Hats, belts, figures, and much more.

Lot - 161 Superhero Lot

Superhero Hotwheels all are still carded.

Lot - 162 DC Superhero Books

DC Superhero Books and others.

Lot - 163 Bar lot

Cooler. shot glasses, shaker, flask, Harley Quinn bar key, and lighters.

Lot - 164 Pyrex Bowls

3 yellow mixing bowls, 1 antique corning wear, 1 Stainless steel fiber wear tea pots

Lot - 165 Misc. DVDS

See pictures for titles.

Lot - 166 Books

3 time life books, The Epic of Flight.

Lot - 167 Books

3 Alexandre Dumas Books.  New in package.  

Lot - 168 Bike carrier

Like new used one time, bike rack for your car. 

Lot - 169 Electric Tools

Black & Decker electric skill saw,  Craftsman Buffer/polisher, and a electric plainer.  All work as they should. Come and check them out.  

Lot - 170 Air Compressor

Campbell  Hausfeld  portable air compressor in like new condition.  Come in and inspect.  This compressor was tested by a customer and is not in working condition. 

Lot - 171 Metal tool box with tools

Metal tool filled a bunch of tools, and a bottle jack.  Come in and look at all the goodies in the box.  

Lot - 172 Air Purifier

Electric Air Purifier by Tosot.  used working condition. 

Lot - 173 Painted Boiler with cover

Painted boiler with cover in good condition, no holes. come take a better look. 

Lot - 174 Chain saw case and more

Chainsaw case with blade cover in good condition. Black & Decker Quantum, palm sander, electric, and trailer hitch load leveler. Come check these items out. 

Lot - 175 Vintage Bar Clamps

2 useable bar clamps. 

Lot - 176 weight lifting bar and weights

This lot includes assorted weights and a lifting bar.  However, weights do not fit on bar.  These items might be pieces someone needs to add to gym stuff they already have?? Come in and inspect.

Lot - 177 5 Disc CD changer

5 disc Cd changer and a speaker.  Seller states in working order. 

Lot - 178 Guitar Books and DVDs

Guitar Books and DVDs -Learn how to play guitar!  DVD's include Guitar Method in the Style ofKiss (Paul Stanley & Ace Frehley) and Easy Metal Guitar DVD. Books include Best of Ratt, Kiss Destroyer, Kiss Alive, WaylonJennings, Ronnie Millsap, and Power Series 1.

Lot - 179 Locking Rack Cabinet

- Brand new locking rackstorage 3U unit.  Can be used mounted in a rack for a band or DJ. These retail for around $60-$70.

Lot - 180 New Prodigy Innovations SK-90 Projector

Brand New ProdigyInnovations SK-90 Projector - New in box, Prodigy Innovations SK-90 HomeTheater projector.  This projector is 2160P and 4k compatible with acontrast ratio of 40,000:1 and a screen size of 40" to 200". Has a 20,000 hours LED lamp, 4500 ANSI Lumens and is HD, 3D, DVD, Blu Ray, andgaming compatible.  MSRP of $5,499, one on ebay right now listed at$2,000.

Lot - 181 Nintendo Wii Game

Nintendo Wii Game Lot -8 total games including Rapala Bass Pro Fishing, Cabelas Big Game Hunter,Rapala Tournament Fishing, Dangerous Hunts 2011, North American Adventures, BigGame Hunter 2012, Legendary Adventures, Outdoor Adventures.  Included isthe compatible Rapala fishing rod along with the gun for the huntinggames.  All in excellent condition!


Lot - 182 Keurig K130

Like New Keurig K130Commercial Hospitality Brewer with K-Cup Holder - Very clean and hardly everyused, this is the hospitality version that is great for offices, dorm rooms, orthe home office.  Has instructions right on the device.  Small size,reliable brewer selling for between $90 and $120 for the Keurigalone.  


Lot - 183 Small Black TV Stand

Small Black TV Stand -Shows some signs of wear, but in good condition.   Perfect for asmall apartment or dorm room.  


Lot - 184 Football Training DVDs

- There are 4 footballtraining dvds including Sparq Training with Champ Bailey and LadainianTomlinson, Quarterback Training Skills and Drills, FBU (Football University)The Complete Quarterback, Coaches Choice - The Wing T:  Footwork,Mechanics, and Drills for the Quarterback

Lot - 185 Atari Classic Flashback

Atari Classic Flashback- Only used a couple of times.  Comes with 2 controllers and baseunit.  No game cartridges needed, works great!   


Lot - 186 Laptop Computer Bag

Merona Leather LaptopComputer Bag - Very nice, brown leather type material with gold accents in likenew condition.

Lot - 187 Jewelry Box

 Very largejewelry box with a lot of drawers.  Has some nicks but could be easilytouched up.  Tons of space!


Lot - 188 Kitchen and Misc. Lot

Kitchen and Misc. Lot -Miscellaneous lot of houseware items including a garbage can paper shredder,glassware with decorative holder, chair casters, etc.


Lot - 189 Kestrel Size 12 Hunting Boots

Like Brand New $389Schnee's Kestrel Size 12 Hunting Boots - These boots are in like new condition,only worn once inside the house.  These are 6" boots.  Pleasesee the link for additional details:

Lot - 190 Salon Chair

New red vinyl salon chair,  reclines and moves up and down as it should.  Come in and inspect. 

Lot - 191 Hand Washing Sink and Hand rails

Stainless steel handwashing sink, and 5 ADA bathroom handicap bars. 

Lot - 192 Camp table and coolers

Folding metal top camp table, 2 coolers and a water jug. All in good used condition..  

Lot - 193 Amazon echo spot

Echo spot with Alexa, in good condition. Has not been ever connected to net or set up. Also 3 phone cases, unknown phone type. Come check them out.  

Lot - 194 Large Assortment of cordless power tools

This lot is a tub with many cordless power tools plus battery's and chargers. Unknown working condition.  Please inspect. 

Lot - 195 Costume Jewelry

Lot of an assortment of costume jewelry.  As always come into the store for a better look. 

Lot - 196 2 Optimus Car speakers

 15" X 15" square Optimus car speakers with cover grills.  Unknown condition selling as always AS IS. 

Lot - 197 Construction /Electrical lot

Misc. saw horse brackets, hand tools, construction bags, flag holders, Electrical surgers, outlets, adapters, timers, 220 cord ends and more.  Come in to see all that is in this large lot. 

Lot - 198 Screws, Bolts, Nuts and Washers

Never have the right thing for the job.  This lot could help. 30# of assorted screws ,nuts, bolt and washers. Probably still not the one you need. Come in and inspect. 

Lot - 199 Beverage lot

New Miller Genuine Draft clock, runs, Leinenkugel's Limited glass, new, Schmidt Beer glass. Schlitz 125th commutative stein 1974, great condition, and Coca Cola  playing cards.  

Lot - 200 Vintage Paper Ammo

2 Boxes of Remington 22 long rifle shells.  Winchester super speed, full box of 2 9/16 16 gauge paper shot gun shells.